Resume of Managing Director

Dipl.-Ing. Mohammad Reza Babaei is the second generation of the first Iraninan importers of  Laboratory  equipment, Instruments & Merck Chemicals.  

2001 to 2015
Founder and Managing Director of “Tash Laboratory Isfahan Co. Ltd.”

2001 to 2006
Representation of “TGI” Technischer Glasswerke Ilmenau, Germany

2001 to 2010
Importer and Distributor of Merck KGaA, Germany 

2002 to 2008
Exclusive distributor of Denver Instruments (Sartorius Group), Germany 

since 2008 
Exclusive producer and distribution of own brand “TCO”
Exclusive distributor B. Kraft Chemicals, Germany

2015 to today
Founder & Managing Director of “NIK  ARIA TASH Co. Ltd.”

“NIK ARIA TASH Co. Ltd. ” is exclusive representative  of TFA DOSTMANN & DOSTMANN electronic Germany

in Iran.

Precision measurement is our specialty